We are qualified to represent the clients before the India Patent Office. Our Patent practice includes drafting and prosecuting Patent Applications filed before the India Patent Office and PCT Applications. We also draft Applications for filing before the USPTO and EPO. Our practice focuses on these core areas and related technologies applicable to these areas:

    VOLKSPHANTOM IP SOLUTIONS is founded by group of experienced professionals with the aim of providing high quality services to its clients. We offer intellectual property rights services to unlock the value of inventions. Our strength lies in leveraging our deep domain knowledge, understanding of client needs, proven execution capabilities, supported by skilled and dedicated team.

    Our mission is to provide high-quality, customized and cost-effective services ranging from patent search, patent analytics, litigation support, IP monetization, market research, building cross country research collaborations.

    We understand that every client is unique, tailored our services to meet the specific requirements of SME's, Multinational Corporations, Law firms, Universities, Research Institutions, Venture Capital firms.
The exceptional range of organizational standards and business ethics maintained in every structural level of the company, encourage our workforce to bring quality outputs, meet our client needs and enable us to deliver the ultimate satisfaction.

Confidentiality and Trust
Trust is one of the foundational principles of our building blocks; it holds and strengthens our values together. When we say "trust us", we really mean it. We take three level measures to secure your confidentialities safe namely,

  • IT Protection
  • Legal protection
  • Secured work processes

Every employee in VOLKAPHANTOM is committed to follow and maintain the guidelines and ensures the data security in & outside of the organization

Code of Conduct
We give values to ones self-respect, honesty and integrity. We implemented a system of personalities, which is designed to meet the business principles of VOLKSPHANTOM and every member here strives to obey it

Share the Knowledge
Knowledge is the only thing in the world which gets doubled when shared. We, in VOLKSPHANTOM, encourage each other to conduct the knowledge sharing sessions, to sharpen the skills of each team. We also work collaboratively with clients to mutually exchange various case studies and expertise, so that everyone can benefit it.

Social Commitments
We belong to a cultural system where nature is considered as god and earth as our mother. We are committed to maintain the nature's echo-system by strictly following our environmental practices. Our entire office infrastructure is made of sustainable materials; the Go green policy ensures no/less paper use in the office. Not only we practice the environment friendly principles in the organization, we spread the importance of being so, across the globe through our social activity programs and public events