Why VolksPhantom?

In our journey towards excellence, we enjoy the unique advantage of having exceptionally talented professionals. The Firm has been co-created by giving every associate a world-class infrastructure, freedom to operate, challenging opportunities, a collegial environment and a highly rewarding performance driven career.

By partnering with an international human capital organisation, we have been the pioneers in rolling-out strategic talent initiatives. This aids our associates to realise their dream much ahead of their contemporaries.

Apart from attracting outstanding talent from within the legal fraternity, every year the Firm hires fresh graduates from top law schools. Every associate hired works in a team mentored by highly experienced partners. The Firm provides a conducive environment for open and constructive communication.

Work & Life at VolksPhantom:

VolksPhantom professes values such as openness, trust and respect. We bring in festivities, social events and other celebrations with as much enthusiasm as we treat clients and deadlines. Work may come first but our priority lies in creating a productive workplace.

Hiring at VolksPhantom:

The internship program at VolksPhantom is crafted to give your career a head start. Our internship program runs through the year. We work seamlessly with coordination committees of various law schools, as well as directly process internship applications.

VolksPhantom a comprehensive campus recruitment program at several leading law schools. Interested applicants are requested to contact their respective recruitment coordination committee for further details.

Interested candidates can write to us at "recruitment@VolksPhantom.com" with their resumes